Cipolla di Tropea

A genetic heritage brought to our Calabrian lands by the Phoenicians almost 4000 years ago!

The territory in which this delicacy was born, which affects the provinces of Cosenza, Catanzaro and Vibo Valentia, is composed of fertile, sandy and clayish type of soil, alluvial type, with moderate supply of organic substance and good structure.
The qualitaties of this variety depends on its genetic legacy, on its proximity to the sea, on the length of the day, on the excellent temperature and humidity.

This is exactly the mild climate that gives the red onion its sweet taste.

Super Sweet, Crunchy and Red, those are the characteristics that make the “Tropea Calabria Red Onion” so desired and mouthwatering, defined for its “Calabria Red Gold” qualities.

Beneficial Properties

Onions are nutrient-dence and rich of beneficial properties for the organism, undisputed queen of The “Cucina Italiana”.

Made up of 90% water, 1% protein, very few fats and some important mineral elements such as potassium, calcium and phosphorus.

The carbohydrate portion is made up mainly of simple sugars and a small amount of fiber consisting mainly of fructans (a fructose polymer) which is important from a nutritional point of view as being an indigestible polysaccharide it is a substrate for intestinal bacterial flora. This means that the balance of the intestinal bacterial flora is shifted in favor of the bifida flora (at the expense of the putrefective one) with documented health benefits.

Tropea red onion: eating it is good, very good

The red color in the plant world
it is synonymous with positive substances for health.

Many Health Effects:

  • Prevent heart disease and cellular aging
  • Regulate the rate of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood
  • Avoid colds and flu
  • Aphrodisiac
  • Antiseptic
  • Anesthetic
  • Diuretic